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How it works

Our mission is to create a unique, fast, and secure space specially designed for businesses and firms to hold their meetings online as they do in their own offices. It means that our focus is on every detail of a proper meeting, while we have the most improved tools for an online meeting. We have more than 75 branches in different countries around the world, as a result, for a meeting in a specific country, we use local powerful servers to have the highest possible quality, and to use our service you should contact our team in your area.

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Host a successful meeting

Invite people to join

Can be added to calendars

They need nothing to install

Works on the browsers and all devices

They will be at your office

Virtually of course, but your designed space


video conference

Multiple audio and video sharing.


Presentations with extended whiteboard capabilities - such as a pointer, zooming and drawing.


public and private chat, and polling system.

Desktop sharing

Share your screen or let the other people in the meeting do so.

Your files

Support for presentation of PDF documents and Microsoft Office documents.

To use our service

We need to connect you to the nearest branch, please fill this form, Our team members will soon contact you.